For more than twenty-five years we have been helping clients effectively plan and manage their strategy and branding so they can achieve their goals. We do this by bringing a fresh and highly innovative approach to tackling the complex problems of how to use information, data, and technology to drive business forward in todays ever changing world.

We position ourselves as a resource for clients providing those skills that are either not available to them or are too costly to have in-house.

Using our experienced team of ITIQ Associates we bring a multi-layered approach that builds on each specialist area Рentrepreneurial, IT, marketing, media, design and implementation Рensuring that by making them aligned we can deliver greater impetus, support and long-term successful results. Enabling our clients to save time, costs and being able to concentrate on their core business.

Our collaborative approach is not only more effective but stimulates and helps direct internal teams by creating a new sense of purpose and defining a clear step by step plan of action.

Working together with our clients we dig deeper into the challenges they face, helping them identify, strategise and grow. Our remit is simple, to find smart ways of using data and technology to create new opportunities enabling clients to move forward towards achieving their ambitions.