Our roots were firmly planted over forty years ago when Tony Kenton founded a small firm of artworkers, copywriters, printers and copying specialists, selling printed marketing and business stationery to local businesses in Finchley, London.

With the support of a great team, the company grew and grew until we had several locations and production plants. By the end of the 90’s this included an international consultancy business working from New York and Denmark and working with well known organisations such as Kodak, Clerical Medical, Canon, Nortel, charities, leading retail groups and the education authorities. We had awards, plaudits, and a reputation for unique ideas. Tony produced two seminal books on where printed communications we’re going and was recognised by the British print and communications industry for his  contribution to innovation and new ways of doing business.

Today, we still produce marketing – as well as sell print, design, digital, and more for customers who use our consultancy services. By providing advice and strategy for those we work with it enables them to achieve their potential. We aim to inspire others by showing it’s possible to simultaneously deliver value to customers, employees, the community, and suppliers in a long-term,  sustainable way.

Tony Kenton
Tony typing out marketing copy in the early 1970’s