Growing through Innovation

Achieving growth with great ideas

Looking for the next big thing to grow your business is always a challenge, but maybe the answer is closer than you think.

What many of the more successful organisation’s we work with have discovered is that a good source of new business can come through existing products with a sprinkle of innovation and a good measure of fresh marketing ideas. 

Let’s face it, getting more people to buy a current product or service through product innovation is much easier than trying to come up with a brand-new product. It’s a lot more cost effective too! You just need to find the ‘good idea’.

So back to innovation, by its very nature innovation can provide solutions to problems that might not have been thought of before.  They can help meet customers’ needs and if really innovative are seen as an added value providing those that come up with the idea a real differentiator from the competition.

As an example, who would have ever thought of putting a high-resolution camera in a phone. Yet that’s exactly what makes smart phones market leaders.

Or cow-free burgers now selling faster than any other meat product in the past twenty years.

Watches that measure ECG, levels of fitness and tell the time.

More investment going into autonomous and electric vehicles compared to other alternatives (including combustion engine models).

Or something closer to home. The innovation going on in marketing and signage. At first glance, they might not appear to have changed but they have – and big time. What was once the domain of print, has now been replaced with digital or electronic signage. This isn’t just a case of being cheaper to produce, it’s not. But it does generate 300 – 400% more income for the same level of investment.

Now, thanks to innovation, marketing and signage can also be personalised to the level of the individual in real time. To get really spooky, facial recognition, GPS and data from your phone means that now a sign or a piece of marketing can show it knows more about you than perhaps even your nearest and dearest.

In this current hyper-competitive market, innovation and creativity do pay dividends, creating that extra push in getting you over the line and noticed by today’s smart buyers. 

The advice is, if you want to energise your business make sure you are working with a company that trades in smart ideas, sound information and new technology. A company that is listens to your thoughts and ambitions, so they really can create the opportunity for you to go for growth.  A company that is not afraid of creativity or putting forward an opinion. A company that work with you, not just for you.

And if you are wondering who you might seek to help with this, I am sure you will not be too far off finding one, especially if you are looking at this site  

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