OK, this is where we get a chance to throw open the windows a bit and provide a real insight into our thinking. It’s also where we sometimes part company with potential clients when they discover we really are in business to build a community of successful friends and it’s not just some tagline – it’s genuine. We fully recognise this approach is not for everyone, and for those that just want a supplier, customer relationship, we may not be the best choice of partner to do business with.

We do appreciate that price is important, especially when there is nothing else on offer. But we also know that value is even more important so we look to see how we can bring tangible benefits and true value to the table that will cement the relationship for the long-haul.

To do this well, all involved need to feel motivated and want success to be mutual. Experience shows that people do business with people, and more to the point they do business with people they like and trust. This has to be earned, so what drives us is building these relationships so further down the line we can celebrate the successes we achieve together.

A major factor we’ve noticed over the years, is that the vast majority of our business comes from recommendations, those we have worked with before or repeat business. On this basis it makes good sense for us to look after very carefully our community of successful friends.