The ITIQ Initiative has been around for twenty years and has brought a totally different narrative to what we do as a company. Over the period we have tried to explain it in a variety of different ways, from Solution Sales (which sounded too formal) to selling fish, which sounded a bit ‘fishy’ (we sell fish for fish-mongers, cakes for bakers etc.).

The essence though of the ITIQ business Initiative is actually very straight-forward. We work in partnership with our clients to sell whatever they are selling.

Our costing models are also flexible and have been structured to align to whatever method suits our clients best. The choices are:

  • We buy the products or services and sell them on for a margin (so we become the customer).
  • On a commission basis
  • We are paid for our time and services

…or even a mixture of all of these.

This approach reduces the risk most commonly associated with marketing and sales and so can be the start of a wonderful relationship.